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Court Reporting, Transcription, and Deposition Services

GregoryEdwards offers efficient litigation support solutions, tailored to your needs. We differentiate ourselves from the competition through our attention to detail, the quality of our product, our flexibility and ability to respond quickly, the personal touch we bring to each project and our 24-hours-a-day, seven-days-a-week availability. We excel at bringing order and insight to situations involving large and complex litigation matters.

GregoryEdwards develops solutions for our clients using a proven methodology influenced by industry models and our own experience. The solutions we provide (including management of the global deposition schedule) are built around our clients' goals, which, depending on the client, can include fostering better collaboration, sharing knowledge throughout the organization, making better-informed decisions or improving overall efficiency. GregoryEdwards solves problems and builds solutions to help our clients succeed.

Our clients rely on our expertise for:

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