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Court Reporting, Transcription, and Deposition Services

GregoryEdwards can quickly provide your firm or organization with a skilled and experienced court reporter. Our reporters specialize in capturing and preserving spoken information and take pride in doing their work carefully and accurately. We understand how much is at stake in legal proceedings and other occasions when exact records of proceedings are invaluable, such as administrative hearings and stockholder meetings.

Nationwide reporters

  • Real-time reporting
  • Instant rough drafts
  • Videotape depositions
  • Video/text synchronization
  • Expert/technical/medical reporting
  • Expedited transcription
  • Condensed transcripts
  • Word indexes
  • ASCII diskettes
  • Conference rooms
  • Video teleconferencing
  • Timestamping
  • Conversion to laser disk
  • Telephonic reporting
  • Consolidated billing
  • E-Transcript delivery

Transcription services

  • Board meetings
  • Council meetings
  • VHS and other media transcription

Deposition services

  • Deposition transcripts
  • Video depositions
  • Realtime transcription
  • Video editing

Analog photocopying

Documents copied with perfect reproduction quality under rigid time constraints, with production offices open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are committed to page-for-page excellence. Services include:

  • Document binding—Velo, GBC, tape
  • Bates numbering
  • Tabs
  • 11x17" copies
  • Oversize documents
  • Trial and presentation boards
  • Mounting and lamination
  • Color copying
  • 24-hour availability
  • Overnight shipping
  • 3-hole drilling

Digital imaging

Documents are processed using high speed scanners that capture images while automatically storing document resolution and orientation. After documents are imaged, we can assign Bates numbers, either permanently or as watermarks. In addition, we can place footers and headers on the document image, such as "Confidential—Protective Order." Once all scanning and quality control is complete, we provide you with document images stored on a set of CDs formatted for all major commercially available document management software. We scan documents into all industry standard formats including TIFF, JPG, GIF and many more.

During the scan process, we capture and store basic bibliographic information, such as the document date and document type.

While photocopying may never become obsolete, digital imaging is one of many tools offered by GregoryEdwards to help manage your litigation more efficiently, which means a savings of both time and money.

Our imaging services include:

  • Physical/logical prepping
  • Coding—Our coding software, policies, procedures and personnel ensure your data is 100 percent accurate and confidential.
  • OCR—We use the latest, most advanced OCR engines to scan text-based documents to provide the most accurate OCR output possible.
  • Electronic Bates stamping
  • Header and footer inserts
  • Slipsheets

Consulting and training

Our team of highly qualified professionals can assist your firm in developing a customized in-house solution to a document management problem. We guide our clients to help them develop tools to manage the creation, storage, editing and publication of information in team-based collaborative environments, such as legal proceedings. By developing document databases and document work-flow models, and by using technology to streamline collaboration, GregoryEdwards gives your litigation team the advantage when a proceeding mushrooms in size and complexity.

GregoryEdwards also provides training for litigation teams of all sizes on almost all popular case management, document management, electronic presentation, collaboration and information retrieval software, including:

  • Concordance
  • Summation
  • Doculex
  • IPRO
  • TrialDirector

Court Reporting, Transcription, and Deposition Services

GregoryEdwards provides comprehensive CD-R/CD-RW duplication services. We promise fast turnaround time and better cost efficiency compared to duplicating CDs in-house. Our reliable, efficient process duplicates over 1,000 CDs weekly, and our software and CD generation process support a variety of media formats. Please contact our offices for a complete listing.

Conversion services

GregoryEdwards synchronizes the video and text from deposition transcripts or hearings for arbitration proceedings, trials, hearings and settlement conferences. Once converted, files can be stored on a variety of mediums, including CD or DVD. Conversion services include:

  • VHS videotape conversion to MPEG format
  • Transcript-to-video syncing for all major trial presentation software programs